Hilton HHonors Credit Card

No matter what level of traveler you happen to be, the Hilton HHonors Credit Card is a great card to check into when you are looking for some great deals to add to your travel plans. The Hilton HHonors Credit Card has so many accommodations available to you that can be used for a place to stay during your trips. Gaining the first bonus points worth 40,000 points is very easy as well when you are serious about taking advantage of the Hilton HHonors Credit Card. All you need to do in order to gain the first bonus points is use your card for a minimum of $1,000 in purchases withing the first four months. Four months to be able to reach that charge level actually proves to be a lot easier than you would think if the Hilton HHonors Credit Card is used for your everyday purchases like normal. 

The Hilton HHonors Credit Card offers one of the highest point systems for hotel cards available on the market. For charging a hotel stay on your Hilton HHonors Credit Card for any hotel in the Hilton portfolio you will gain six points for every dollar. There are three points that you can gain for each dollar spent on places such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and gasoline stations. For all other purchases made with your Hilton HHonors Credit Card you will gain two points which is still at least one point higher than what most other cards of this type are offering at this time by the way.


The Hilton HHonors Credit Card is even more competitive when they have made it to where they have placed no cap on how many points you can save up with them. Also, you will not have to worry about your points and rewards ever expiring which is yet another thing that sets the Hilton HHonors Credit Card apart from the rest. Taking it a step or a flight forward, you can also use and gain points and rewards in ninety countries around the world. How great is the Hilton HHonors Credit Card? We can't really answer for you, however, in comparing it with other cards of its kind it is quite exceptional. No matter how exceptional it may seem for us and others, sometimes a card just may not be a perfect fit for your particular lifestyle. 

Everyone has their own particular needs when it comes to the type of card that will suit them best. For some people they only require something for points. For some other people, they require a combination of hotel rewards and flight perks as well. There are so many different cards available on the market that offer all of these things and more. As of this article, the Hilton HHonors Credit Card is very high ranking on the scale for those who are needing points as well as rewards not only domestically but also abroad. If you are searching for a great card though as a traveler, the Hilton HHonors Credit Card is still really worth a good read at least.